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Introducing The STEM accredited handmade wood puzzle blocks!

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It's A Puzzle
It's A Game
It's A Toy
It's for Kids 
It's for Adults
It's A 3 Dimensional Sculpting Block
It's A STEM* Accredited Learning Tool

*Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

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No Really,
What Are

Geometrical Trapezoidal Shaped Wooden Blocks to Challenge your Brain in a NEW way

BlockAzoidz are handcrafted wooden trapezoidal shaped puzzle blocks stored in a hexagonal shaped tray.  They are an engaging and challenging puzzle for people of all ages.  BlockAzoidz can be arranged in countless designs, shapes, structures, figures, faces, patterns or even house plans.  Sculpt your artwork, out of Blockazoidz, however you like.​

  • BlockAzoidz are a set of 23 handcrafted wooden puzzle blocks with a form-fitted wooden storage tray.

  • BlockAzoidz are specially designed with 60 and 120 degree angles

  • Each BlockAzoidz piece is a precision cut trapezoid or diamond shape that creates a unique and creative play experience compared to traditional stacking blocks.

  • BlockAzoidz have angled corners to create a comfortable feel and ultimate stack-ability.

  • BlockAzoidz can be arranged into a multitude of structural designs, geometric shapes, letters, numbers, or anything you can imagine.  

  • BlockAzoidz are STEM accredited with 100 learning points in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

  • BlockAzoidz are a 100% Natural product and contain NO glues, dyes or added coloring, stains, oils, or chemical finishes.

  • BlockAzoidz are heirloom quality and can be handed down for generations.

  • BlockAzoidz are handmade locally in Durango, Colorado from sustainable products.

  • 3% of Sales go to Manna Food Bank

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Blockazoidz is Accredited

is Accredited!

This means BlockAzoidz have 100 learning points to teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. 

“This achievement exhibits an excellence in Science,Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.  BlockAzoidZ helps to strengthen 21st Century Skills through problem solving and critical thinking and reinforces mathematical concepts. These achievements prove that your organization is committed to delivering the latest in pedagogics.”

- STEM Founder/Executive Director Andrew B. Raupp, HKSEE

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Be One of the 1st to BUY one of our First 44 sets on sale now for our

BlockAzoidz Launch Sales Price of up to 35

% OFF Retail!!

Look below to choose the type of wood you like best and click a picture to BUY your BlockAzoidz

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"The First 44"

Limited Edition sets of Blockazoidz from our woodshed will be signed by Mark, the creator of BlockAzoidz.

These first 44 sets will each be branded with the words

"The First 44"

We have 44 sets in the following species of wood: 

11 sets of Poplar 

11 sets of Alder

11 sets of Cherry

11 sets of Wormy Maple

These First Forty Four sets will be unique to the sets we will make in the future and 

species of wood may vary as well.

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Cherry Set.jpg
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At BlockAzoidz, we are committed to expanding minds through interactive engagement with family, friends, or on your own while creating amazing designs and structures.

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Manna Soup Kitchen

"Building a community and family based sustainable company is of the upmost importance to us as a family who has experienced food sacristy in our lives" Jenny Northrop.

3% of proceeds from sales are donated to the Manna Soup Kitchen to help families in need.

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A Family Owned Company

The original BlockHeadz

BlockAzoidz were developed in 2018 by Mark Northrop with the help of his wife Jenny and son Nathan, in Durango Colorado.  The idea surely would not have been developed if not for the birth of Nathan.  When Nathan, age 6 now, was born, Mark began thinking of a more interesting building toy for Nathan to play with.  Always designing and creating things (maybe thanks a bit to his engineering degree from CSU), Mark created the blocks in his home workshop.  Over the next year the family realized how educational and stimulating they were, not only for Nathan, but their adult friends as well. With the help of Jenny, who loves marketing and business thanks to her degree from Fort Lewis, and Nathan, the creative genius who came up with the name BlockAzoidz, they worked together to build BlockAzoidz, the company.    

Just to see what might happen, the trio decided to submit their idea to  To their surprise, liked their idea and accredited and block-chained BlockAzoidz.

The trio then decided to try and sell BlockAzoidz at the Telluride Farmers Market for the 2020 season.  They were accepted into the beautiful market as an artisan for the summer.  Unfortunately, due to current times, non-food vendors are not allowed this summer.  Therefore, they are now focusing solely on Internet sales through this site.  They look forward to continuing to grow BlockAzoidz for many years to come.

In fact, a top secret, new BlockAzoidz shape is in the works.

We are in the beginning stages of our family business and have applied for a SBA loan.  If you like BlockAzoidz and would like to donate to our company and keep BlockAzoidz producing blocks, please use the button below.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at with questions, comments or suggestions.

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What will you create?

To see others awesome Blockazoidz creations, or to post your own BlockAzoidz pic, please follow us on Instagram at #blockazoidz

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